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Our clients include Insurance Companies, Governmental Agencies and Businesses of All Sizes

Insurance Companies

We help a lot of insurance companies in California recoup losses from FRAUDULENT INSURANCE CLAIMS such as staged staged fires, phony car thefts, phony injuries and deaths and any fraudulent reporting of losses that never truly occurred. Claims adjustors and fraud divisions often need the expertise of a private investigator and that’s where we come in! We guarantee you that we’ll mitigate your claims and deny the fraud that is being heaped upon you and us as a society. Call today us today!

Government Agencies

Fraudulent WORKMAN’S COMP CLAIMS and and WELFARE FRAUD are two areas where massive losses occur. Government agencies in California that need expertise in curbing these types of fraud cases benefit from the help of a private investigator! At Ultimate Edge Investigations, Bryan Elkins leads a team that knows the ins and outs of fraud in California and will deliver speedy results!


Businesses of all sizes in California need to pay attention to theft and fraud as well as know the backgrounds of their employees. We specialize in EMPLOYEE INVESTIGATIONS, BUSINESS INVESTIGATIONS, COMMERCIAL INVESTIGATIONS, BACKGROUND CHECKS, VENDOR THEFT and BRAND PROTECTION. The relatively small investment to hire a professional pay huge dividends for the future with fewer losses due to theft or wasted training time and liability caused by hiring the wrong person. Give Bryan Elkins a call today to keep your business on the right track. We help businesses throughout California.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the best results with a superior product. Whenever we take over a case load the comments are frequently the same. Our new clients are always happily surprised at the detail, professional power and information we provide. We are all former law enforcement officers from agencies throughout the state. We have combined to make this the Sacramento California investigative agency that simply out works all others. Call and speak directly to the founder and owner, Bryan Elkins.

Congressional Candidate Yuriy Seretsky takes polygraph test

Honesty vs Corruption

Posted by Yuriy Seretskiy on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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We serve clients in both the public and private sector throughout the state of California.

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