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We value our clients and strive to get SUPERIOR RESULTS in every case!

Experienced in Exposing Insurance Fraud

Prior to a decorated career as a special operations police officer, our founder (Bryan Elkins) worked the claims subdivision of the insurance industry. We understand insurance claims and the need for insurance investigations more than any agency in the state.

The coalition against insurance fraud has clearly documented that we currently have billions of dollars every year paid out by insurance companies on fraudulent claims. You have two choices, pay the claims which will weaken your financial solubility and attract more fraudulent claims. Or you can legally mitigate and deny these ongoing leaks in your system.

The scam artists are hoping you do nothing. However if you are a professional, you care about the quality of your career and the professional reputation of your company, give us a call.

Saving You Money, Putting You in Control

We will save you money and you will wonder why you never called before. As Insurance investigation specialists we are equipped trained and ready to put you in control of the lies, leaks and fraud.

Types of insurance fraud we target include, but are not limited to the following: Phony Stolen Car Fraud, Abandoned House Fire Fraud, Staged Home Fires, Faked Injury, Faked Death, Storm Fraud and Phony Renter’s Insurance Theft. When we detect insurance fraud in any of its forms it saves money for the insurance company and ultimately the consumer.

Delivering Results Statewide

We operate state wide and we will deliver to you same day results. One look at our report examples and you will understand why so many businesses and insurance companies choose Ultimate Edge Investigations. We guarantee you that we will mitigate your claims and deny the fraud that is being heaped upon you and us as a society. We sound confident because we know what we deliver. We don’t like insurance fraud therefore we actually enjoy the process of the investigation; you get to enjoy the results.

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